An excellent product is no good unless it is used by the masses and reaching out to the masses is as critical as the actual product development.

And, when your product has the X-factor, why confine yourself to the store or a showroom ? In this age of cut-throat competition in the businesses, you need to be present online. Your customer should have the leverage of accessing your brand either on mobile, desktop, social media, and your retail stores.

While you build an excellent product, entrust the ecommerce onto us. Our experts strategize your product/service and curate a robust e-commerce deployment framework for your brand. As an e-commerce facilitator, we strive to achieve:


  • A seamless platform with easy access: When it comes to e-commerce, the size and speed both matter. With our services, you can be assured of a fast performance of your platform so that the customer is delighted and keeps on coming back repeatedly.
  • Bug-free transactions: Our e-commerce services work by extensive bug-testing and mitigation. All our platforms are extensively beta tested on various devices and for all possible types of usages. The main aim behind minimizing the scope of bugs is to provide the end users the best experience.
  • Least maintenance cost: Nicosur ensures that you have a long lasting and a robust system with least maintenance.
  • Design centric approach for longer browsing time: As we specialize in Design, our e-commerce platforms have the aesthetic edge and User Experience components which make it more appealing with least effect on the speed.
  • Customer feedback provision: Your end user always has the best of insights. Our e-commerce platforms ensures to solicit the suggestions and opinions of end-users as much as possible.
  • Security: Last but not least, security¬†is a major concern for all eCommerce platforms. Hacking rate of eCommerce stores has been increased over the past few years. We have learned from our experience and strengthen our security checkpoints for eCommerce development process. We take security into consideration from initial step of development thus creating a highly secure eCommerce solution for your customers.